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4 Hunks

Muscle Hunk Top Pure White

Muscle Hunk Top Pure White

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Muscle Hunk Top Pure White

Get fit in this fitted Muscle Hunk Tank Top.

Perfect for the Gym or any occasions

Now you’ll have more motivation than ever to go to the gym when you wear the Muscle Hunk Top by 4Hunks. This Tank Top is designed specifically to fit your body and to enhance the shape of your chest and shoulders. No matter if you have the perfect body already or are just starting to workout at the gym, this shirt looks great on everybody. 

It is a very simple and sleek design. But do not sub estimate the power of this Tank Top. This is the kind of Tank Top that you will have in all colors, just because it makes you feel fantastic all the time and on all occasions.

  • Enhances Chest and Back Muscles. Fitness is crucial to staying healthy and looking hot, but we’re all at different levels. Even if you’re a skinny guy or still have some extra pounds to lose, this shirt will enhance your muscles and make you look in better shape.

You notice the high-quality design aspects of this tank top when you wash it and looks like new for many years. And when you put it on, it will completely transform you. You feel strong and sexy.


95% Viscose 05% Elastane

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